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ILIAS ( Integriertes Lern-, Informations- und Arbeitskooperations System ) is an
Open Source learning system for the support of education and learning. The software
development is coordinated by a team at the University of Cologne. The use of the
software is due to the General Public Licence- GPL (

The availability of the Learning- and communication system ILIAS at the FH Dortmund
is a central service of the E-learning coordination office for supporting the scientific
education. By subscribing for ILIAS the using agreements are accepted.

The FH Dortmund is authorized, to change every passage of this agreement any time.
Changes are active as soon as they are published. If you do not agree, you have to
unsubscribe from the ILIAS learning system. By continuing the use of ILIAS you
automatically agree to the new conditions and therefore are obliged to follow them.

Right of cancellation

The agreement can be cancelled anytime by sending a statement to the administration
of the learning system on

Data protection

The learning- and communication system ILIAS offers the users personalized access
to materials and information which are provided by the lecturers. Students of the
FH-Dortmund who subscribe for ILIAS for the first time, have to use their username and
the corresponding password of their ODS-account to make use of ILIAS. Only if
this data is correct you will get access to ILIAS. Upon registration your full
name and your current email address will be copied from the identity management system.
This personal data will be saved by ILIAS for administrative purposes. The indication of
your sex and email address will be used exclusively for contacting you.
For your information, this data is saved on the system and will not be given to third parties.

Your name and your ILIAS-username will be shown at different places o ILIAS.
From 'Settings' screen of your personal profile you have the possibility to hide your
online status.

As additional data your faculty and your course of study will be asked by
the registration and certain personal data will be saved in the system. According
to your entered data you will receive access to the global offers of the
FH-Dortmund as well as to certain offers of your enrolled courses.
Should you need further offers apart from your course enrollment please sent
an email to

Professors, staff and other members of the FH-Dortmund Members can also get access
to the ILIAS system upon request. It is possible to create an account for professors,
staff and other FH-Dortmund members for the preparation of educational materials.
The creation of this account occurs by reservation. If it is not used within six months,
it will automatically be deactivated.

Your computers IP-address, the date and the time when using the website will always besaved.
This log-file data serves to the anonymous evaluation of usage and research. Therefore they are
not used in connection with your name or email address. These data will also not
be given to third parties.

Upon request we provide you with information, which of your personal data are saved
in our system. Please sent us an email:

Usage authorization

The learning- and communication system ILIAS is available free of charge for professors,
staff and FH-Dortmund students. All materials provided are for non-commercial purposes.
The rights of the materials remain with the authors and named third parties.

The use of materials taken from ILIAS for seminar,-diploma,- bachelor, master thesis
have to be indicated clearly as source of information. Quotations or expressions of
opinions from chat rooms or forum are only allowed if the permission of the named person is given.

In case of proven abuse of ILIAS the rights of use can be cancelled immediately and the
access to the system will be blocked.

The FH-Dortmund is allowed to modify or deactivate parts or certain functions of the
system any time. Therefore the use and the access to the system as well as the duration and
the scale of use can be restricted any time. FH-Dortmund aims to minimize the downtime
and to ensure the availability of the services.

With ex-matriculation the usage authorization to ILIAS is automatically cancelled.

The coordination office E-learning deactivates all ILIAS-accounts that are not used for more than 12 months.

Obligation of use

Users of ILIAS are obliged to keep the copyrights (
Duplication or transfer of materials provided on ILIAS to third need the permission of the author.

Users are obliged to keep the access credentials secret and not give it away to third parties.

Should you recognize an abuse of your account, then please contact: immediately.

Exception of guarantee

Using ILIAS is a result of your own responsibility. The e-learning office is not
liable for damages, which result from using ILIAS. The FH-Dortmund takes no
guarantee that the program functions correspond to the requirements of the authorized
user or work together with the selected choice.

The e-learning office is not responsible for the material provided or expressed opinions on ILIAS.

We are pleased to receive questions, suggestions and criticism about the use
of the ILIAS-installation. Just contact us:

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